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What Should I Do With My Calves?

Zach Wilson, Supply Chain Relationship Manager for Beef Northwest discusses options for fall calves...Read More →

Doctoral Candidate Tours Beef Northwest Feeders

A Doctoral Candidate focusing on Holistic Nutrition, toured the Beef Northwest Feedyard in Boardman... Read More →

Beef Northwest and Wilson Cattle Company Tour AB Foods

On Tuesday, July 15th, 2014, employees from Beef Northwest Boardman and Wilson Cattle Company went on a plant tour of AB Foods in Toppenish, WA. AB Foods is where BNW sends the Country Natural Beef cattle for harvesting. BNW also... Read More →

Beef Northwest Celebrates Safety at Boardman

The Beef Northwest Boardman Crew had a Safety Celebration on July 9, 2014. The last time the yard had an employee accident that required a visit to the Doctor was December 7th, 2013. Over fifty employees and guests were in attend... Read More →

Beef Northwest and Wilson Cattle Company Attend Software Training Workshop

Turnkey is the feedlot accounting system used by Beef Northwest and Wilson Cattle Company. Their home office is in Amarillo TX. Turnkey started in 1977; today, Turnkey applications and systems track over 10,000,000 head of cattle... Read More →

Jeff Palmer and the Power of Heterosis

When Jeff Palmer took over an 1,800-head cow-calf operation a six years ago, he wanted answers to some of the industry's most vexing questions. First and foremost, he wanted to know which breed, or breed combination would work be... Read More →

A Good Place To Be: The Story of Beef Northwest

Millions of cows graze from the Great Basin's sage-covered hills to the Pacific glades. At weaning time, the cows come home but most of the calves leave the valley ranches for California pastures, local feedyards or over the Grea... Read More →

The Quality Quandary

The next time you think about beef quality, think marbling. Simply put, the more marbling a carcass has (USDA Prime has the highest levels of marbling, followed by Choice and then Select), the better its eating quality and the hi... Read More →