We embrace partnerships and joint ventures and have taken the approach of putting our assets with those of others to combine knowledge in building better products.
— John Wilson, Beef Northwest

Partner Up

Beef Northwest is here to work with you.

Partner Up

The growth of Beef Northwest is underpinned by its ability to see opportunities and not challenges in the consumer marketplace.

"When I came here, there were a few feeding programs," says Josh Keller, ranch manager in North Powder, Ore. "We had a natural animal that we were marketing as a natural, and we had a generic animal. Today, we have many different programs."

Beef Northwest was one of the first feedlots in the country to feed natural cattle, and half of our feedyard is dedicated to the natural program.

Adds Beef Northwest's Jackie Owens: "We're just used to serving our customers above and beyond what traditional feeding programs are doing."

Retained Ownership

With the advent of value-based marketing, our retained ownership programs can enhance the value of your business.

In the past, many producers did not retain ownership of their cattle beyond the calf or yearling stage, which meant they had less risk but also fewer rewards.

Today, as packers are recognizing and paying for better genetics and higher-quality carcasses, Beef Northwest provides everything possible to help you achieve the profits you deserve and obtain the performance data you need to continue improving and fine-tuning your breeding program.

Beef Northwest is able to provide complete carcass data and can even help run trials on groups of cattle.

As margins get slimmer in our industry, retained ownership will be increasingly important to achieving better profits.

At Beef Northwest, we are able to help you with important individual services every step of the way.

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Alliances and Marketing

Beef Northwest is proud to work with a wide array of beef production alliances that can help you more effectively target your cattle for maximum returns on your investment.

We feed cattle for the Country Natural Beef and Certified Angus Beef ® brands – to name a few. And no matter what market you're aiming for, we have the flexibility and expertise to make that happen.

Beef Northwest also has a production and marketing alliance with Thomas Angus Ranch, one of the nation's largest seedstock producers.

This partnership ensures participating commercial ranches have access to high-quality genetics and helps us deliver a steady supply of superior carcass genetics to our packer customers. It also enables all participating sectors to share production and carcass quality information.

Cattle fed at Beef Northwest receive market prices for fed cattle competitive with the top feeding states in the country. We have marketing agreements with regional packers Tyson and AB Foods, and several marketing options are available to meet the needs of individual customers.

Global Animal Partnership (GAP)

Partner Up

Beef Northwest's demand for Global Animal Partnership (GAP) Step Level 4 certified natural cattle is increasing.

This is a consumer-driven, natural beef program that verifies your practices and management protocol, and ensures consumers receive wholesome, natural beef produced in a manner that meets their expectations.

The first step is to meet with a Beef Northwest representative via phone or in person.

The second step is verification, which is conducted by IMI Global, a well-respected allied partner in the cattle industry. An IMI representative will conduct an on-site visit at your ranch and evaluate your management and cattle handling practices. You may be asked to share your record-keeping systems for calving season, weaning dates and other production and marketing dates. The on-site evaluation normally takes 3-4 hours and, once completed, your certification is good for 15 months.

Producers have the option — but not the obligation — to sell to BNW at a premium price.

Grass Opportunities

Beef Northwest has a year-round grazing program with grass available in the Pacific Northwest from spring through fall and on California pastures through the winters.

We purchase cattle throughout the year to place on grass and grow prior to finishing at the feedlots. Beef Northwest manages cattle for customers on outside grass and joint-ventures with ranchers on these pastures all seasons of the year. We can finance these outside cattle and have a very capable oversight network.


Beef Northwest offers cattle, feed and risk management financing with more attractive terms than many commercial banks. We'll finance 100% of feed and expenses for any customer and, with a minimum equity requirement, we'll finance all cattle, too. We are confident you will find our financing program easy to use, flexible and prompt. For more information, please contact Amy Warner at (541) 898-2288 or email at amy@beefnw.com

Risk Management

Beef Northwest offers a full hedging service to all customers as a tool to manage market risk for cattle and grain. The risk management program is tailored to fit the individual goals and risk tolerance level of each customer. There is no charge for this service while the customers' cattle are being managed by Beef Northwest. For more information on these services, please contact Ron Rowan at (541) 898-2288 or email at ron@beefnw.com.