We think the best benefit is our culture, and working for a company that cares about its people.
— Kirk Jacobson, Beef Northwest

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It takes quality people to supply quality beef.

At Beef Northwest, a happy and healthy team environment provides a happy, healthy home for the cattle in our care.

Ours is a family culture, where Beef Northwest helps employees and their families make greater contributions to each other, their communities and the company. In this way, Beef Northwest creates sustainability and adds value to all elements of our business - from improved benefits program and working environments to quality care of the cattle.

In addition to steady, year-round work, Beef Northwest prides itself on providing a competitive base wage for all of its employees, plus a generous benefits package.

Employee benefits at Beef Northwest includes:

Paid Time Off

Employment Opportunities

Vacation: At Beef Northwest employees earn one week of paid vacation after the first year of employment. Employees are eligible for two weeks of paid vacation following three years of employment. After ten years, employees become eligible for three weeks of paid vacation.

Sick Pay: Employees have three days of paid sick leave available per year.

Holiday Pay: Beef Northwest provides six paid holidays per year. Cattle must be fed every day, even on Christmas. Beef Northwest appreciates the sacrifices our employees occasionally make. Employees that work holidays are paid time and one half for the time they work, as well as the standard 9 hours of holiday pay.


Health Insurance: Beef Northwest employees are provided excellent health care coverage which includes full family medical insurance and prescription drug coverage.

Life Insurance: Beef Northwest provides our employees with term life insurance with a death benefit of $10,000 and we pay 100% of the employees' premiums.

Supplemental Insurance: A variety of supplemental policies are available to our employees such as dental, cancer, disability, etc.

Saving for the Future

Retirement Plan: Employees are eligible to participate in a 401(k) retirement plan after three months of service. The plan requires Beef Northwest to match a minimum of 25% of up to 5% of gross pay. However, the company has matched 100% of employee contributions 21 of the last 24 years and 50% the other 3 years.

Employee Recognition Programs

Employee Incentive Bonus Plan: Beef Northwest provides a quarterly bonus program to all full-time employees. The program provides monetary rewards to employees for superior cattle performance, safe work practices, a clean work environment and achievement of departmental goals.

Personal Development

Employment Opportunities

Continuing Education: Beef Northwest supports and encourages employees in their efforts toward continuing education. Beef Northwest will pay for pre-approved tuition and fees of classes and coursework. Examples of classes include language, welding, mechanics and accounting. Beef Northwest also encourages employees to attend training seminars in areas of interest and will cover the costs of the seminar if prior approval is obtained.

Health and Wellness: Through the company's health insurance carrier, employees may participate in a web-based Vitality Program. Employees may earn gift cards by participating in the program as they work toward improving their health. Some of the programs available include: Weight Loss, Smoking Cessation, Get in Shape and Healthy Aging to name a few. Additionally, employees have access to a health care nurse who will answer health care questions over the phone. A program is also available to expectant and new parents whereby they can contact a nurse with any questions they may have about pregnancy, delivery and care of their newborn.

Biometric Health Screenings: Periodically, Beef Northwest will host health screenings at the feedyard locations. At these screenings, employees will have the opportunity to have their blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol levels checked. They will have the opportunity to talk with a health care professional about their results.

* Please note that all benefits are subject to change and may have certain eligibility requirements.