Beef Northwest/Wilson Cattle Administrative Employees Attend Custom Training Program From Turnkey Computer Systems


Turnkey is the feedlot accounting system used by Beef Northwest and Wilson Cattle Company. Their home office is in Amarillo TX. Turnkey started in 1977; today, Turnkey applications and systems track over 10,000,000 head of cattle per year in 18 States & Canada. BNW/WCC recently sent 4 employees to train with Turnkey staffers to enhance their skills and learn tips, tricks, and shortcuts: From WCC – Amy Warner & Katelyn Smith; From BNW Boardman – Marty Ballard & Christy Dykkesten.

The Turnkey instructors were extremely knowledgeable, and had the flexibility to train in the direction each of the trainees needed. By asking questions, the training became individualized for each person and their fit in the BNW/WCC operation. They were also shown other parts of Turnkey they don’t personally use, but affects their jobs and reports they run.

Topics covered ranged from A/P & A/R, to Bunk Management & Animal Health, to Customer Master & Pen Charges. The instructors gave an overview of the individual components and then showed how they all tied together. This also helped the BNW/WCC employees learn a little bit of what each other does and how their jobs all tie together to make BNW/WCC work.

Katelyn Smith said of the training, "There were so many different helpful tips and shortcuts we were all unaware of. Some may be saving a little bit of time or a large amount of time, but in the end, time will be saved."

Amy Warner added, "I feel it was a worthwhile, wonderful experience. The trainers were incredibly knowledgeable, and did their best to accommodate our tight time frame."

"This training provided me with a better understanding of how all the moving parts and pieces of Turnkey work together. I feel better educated and more confident in my use of this program..." stated Marty Ballard.

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