Beef Northwest Boardman Celebrates Safety

The Beef Northwest Boardman Crew had a Safety Celebration on July 9, 2014. The last time the yard had an employee accident that required a visit to the Doctor was December 7th, 2013.

Over fifty employees and guests were in attendance. Employees enjoyed Pupusas, Tamales, cold drinks and cake to celebrate their accomplishment.

John Wilson, Managing Partner at Beef Northwest, thanked everyone and explained why this accomplishment and having a good safety record is so important. “It is good for you and your family for you to be healthy, It is good for the cattle and customers because your able to do your job and it also helps keep our costs down."

Feedyard Manager, Pete Szasz credits the employees and supervisors for the success because they have taken their role in Safety seriously. "This is a big deal because we are in a high hazard industry that involves horses, cattle and machinery, all which can be unpredictable and dangerous."

Congratulations, to the team at Beef Northwest Boardman, for a job well done!

Beef Northwest Boardman Celebrates Safety