We are a forward-thinking company, embracing innovation,

technology and economic opportunity. We believe in rural America. 

— John Wilson, Beef Northwest

Our Story

Comfortable, well-managed cattle produce high-quality beef.

About Us

"Beef Northwest has always had the attitude that, with the right partners, 1 plus 1 can be more than 2,"" says John Wilson, BNW managing partner. "We embrace partnerships and joint ventures and have taken the approach of putting our assets with those of others to combine knowledge in building better products."

Tracing its roots to the 1870s, when the Wilson family began ranching in the Baker Valley of eastern Oregon, Beef Northwest is committed to community, environmental quality and the success of people — both its customers and its employees.

Because of its focus on people, the company, which was formed in 1991, has grown into one of the nation's largest cattle feeding and backgrounding operations and garnered a reputation for quality.

Today, Beef Northwest has four feedyards — located in Hermiston, Ore.; Boardman, Ore.; Nyssa, Ore.; and Quincy, Wash. — with a collective, one-time capacity of 95,000 head.

The company also has extensive grazing operations for cows and calves as well as feeder cattle across the northwest United States.

The company employs good people — the foundation of its success — who are committed to teamwork, animal care and food safety.

Beef Northwest believes the future of cattle production depends on the development of new markets for cattle both domestically and abroad, and that changes in consumer preferences should be embraced as opportunities rather than resisted as challenges.

As the industry has grown and changed, Beef Northwest has pioneered new management and marketing opportunities, producing beef for a wide array of consumer-focused efforts, everything from Country Natural Beef to Certified Angus Beef ®.

"We're a forward-thinking company, embracing innovation, technology and economic opportunity," says Wilson. "We believe in rural America. Our business ensures the economic viability of farmers and ranchers across the West by providing them with a wide array of viable marketing options for their cattle and crops. We strive for quality of life. Our commitment to the environment protects and enhances water quality, wildlife habitat and open-space ranches and farms. Our team is comprised of quality, skilled and professional people who recognize our livelihood depends on the production of safe and nutritious products."

Mission Statement

A progressive, customer-focused cattle feeding company committed to profitability through operational excellence and environmental responsibility.


To manage risk and increase profitability by diversifying profit centers, while leading our industry and our community.

Core Values


  • Do the right thing even when no one's looking
  • Value our customers, employees and industry

Pursuit of improvement

  • Evaluate opportunities without losing focus


  • Develop and empower expertise, experience and knowledge

Core Principles

The success of Beef Northwest rests on five guiding principles:

Commitment to people

Our team is comprised of some of the best people in all of agriculture. We want them to excel, to challenge themselves, to grow personally and professionally, and we work hard at providing them with a safe and productive environment in which to excel. Working together, we produce high-quality, safe and nutritious beef for our friends and neighbors across America and around the globe.

Commitment to community

Beef Northwest understands that the ranchers and farmers that we are proud to call our customers comprise a community of people whose purpose is securing the economic sustainability of the rural West.

Beef Northwest gives generously to local charities that support youth development and education as well as the underprivileged in our community. Beef Northwest conducts business locally as much as possible because we believe a strong local economy is good for all of us who live here.

Commitment to the environment

Beef Northwest recognizes that we derive our living from natural resources and our future depends on effective stewardship of land, water and air. We also acknowledge that consumers depend on us to protect the environment and to embrace conservation as a way of producing healthy and nutritious food products.

Commitment to customers

Ultimately, feeding cattle is a business, and we invest heavily in ensuring our customers achieve profitable results from feeding cattle with us. We offer a wide array of financing, marketing and risk management services and combine these services with top-flight expertise on our team. We also work with a wide array of customers, from small family ranches to large investors, and we're committed equally to the success of both.

Commitment to innovation and food safety

Beef Northwest is an industry leader in the implementation and execution of source and process verification as well as Beef Quality Assurance. Our commitment to food quality is more than just words; we have a verifiable, documented system in place to prove it.