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Beef Northwest is a diversified agribusiness with cattle feeding operations in Nyssa and Boardman, Oregon, and Quincy, Washington.

With a one-time capacity of 95,000 head, Beef Northwest is the Northwest’s largest supplier of quality cattle to Tyson in Wallula, Washington, and naturally raised cattle to AB Foods, in Toppenish.

Committed to the economic and environmental sustainability of the communities it serves, Beef Northwest traces its roots to the 1800s, when the Wilson family first raised cattle on Oregon’s productive rangelands.

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Agriculture's self-esteem problem

Farmers are professionals. Farmers are small business owners. If you start your own farm, you are an entrepreneur. I am proud to be a farmer! Why aren’t more farmers?

South Korea increases efforts to contain foot-and-mouth outbreak

South Korea is intensifying efforts to contain an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease by inoculating all hogs in affected areas, the agriculture ministry said in a statement this week.

Commentary: Learning the wrong lesson

A Midwest schoolteacher was fired for writing on Facebook that he doesn’t approve of dairy farming. His comments were way off-target, but his firing is even more egregious.

An elementary school teacher in Ohio has been fired for posting his dislike of dairy farming on his Facebook page.

(Uh, aren’t teachers the ones who are supposed to warn the kids that what they post online can come back to haunt them in later employment situations? Just sayin’).

Thaw in relations with Cuba positive for U.S. agriculture

Exports of U.S. agricultural products such as wheat, rice, soybeans and meat products stand to gain from a surprise U.S. move toward repairing relations with Cuba, agriculture industry officials said this week.

California still needs 11 trillion gallons of water

Recent rain pounded California, making a dent in the state’s oppressive three-year drought, but new data from NASA show it will take 11 trillion gallons of water to recover.

Commentary: The anti-antibiotics argument

Industry pumps a lot of time and resources into pushing back against activists who insist producers must stop using sub-therapeutic antibiotics. But is the strategy on target?

Let’s see? What would make a good topic for a column aimed at generating controversy? Assuming, of course, that controversy “sells.”

Which it does, by the way.

I’d argue that few issues would fit that model better than antibiotics.

Commentary: Seasonal solicitations

From Black Friday to Christmas Eve, every charity and cause in existence is all about “piece on Earth” — a piece of your paycheck, that is. But not all appeals are to be quickly dismissed.

Commentary: A carcinogenic killer

No, not atomic radiation or toxic chemicals such as dioxin that have been proven to trigger cancer. No, a pair of TV hucksters want the public to believe that it’s beef that’s the real culprit.

I never cease to be amazed at the hubris with which so many self-proclaimed nutritional authorities deliver pronouncements to their disciples — without so much as a hint of acknowledgement of the contradictions embedded in their statements.

Last chance to enter 2014- 2015 Alltech Young Scientist Competition

As college students around the globe cram for final exams and put the finishing touches on their theses before a long semester break, one deadline students will not want to miss is the Alltech Young Scientist competition. Registration and paper submission closes December 31, 2014.

California pays steep price for drought relief

Wet weather has finally returned to parched California, and while the rain helps to quench the oppressive drought, it falls far short of ending the drought.

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