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Beef Northwest is a diversified agribusiness with cattle feeding operations in Nyssa and Boardman, Oregon, and Quincy, Washington.

With a one-time capacity of 95,000 head, Beef Northwest is the Northwest’s largest supplier of quality cattle to Tyson in Wallula, Washington, and naturally raised cattle to AB Foods, in Toppenish.

Committed to the economic and environmental sustainability of the communities it serves, Beef Northwest traces its roots to the 1800s, when the Wilson family first raised cattle on Oregon’s productive rangelands.

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Meat of the Matter: An ecological 180

Eco-activists love to squawk that it’s people who ‘ruin the land.’ But one of the largest expanses of undeveloped land around needs more people — and a lot fewer animals — if it’s to survive.

Ask the proverbial “person in the street” to name the largest “wild,” undeveloped stretch of land on Earth, and most people would probably choose one of several well-known areas: Siberia, the Amazon rainforest, or maybe the Sahara Desert.

All of those places are indeed sizable, and in many areas, far from civilized.

#MeatMonday: Slow Cooker Pot Roast Soup

Test your cooking skills with this week's #MeatMonday recipe!

Meat of the Matter: Veggie for all; all for veggie?

It was only a matter of time before somebody started posing the ultimate question: Have we reached a point where so-called veggie diets offer something for everyone?

Even by the standards of provocative headlines designed to grab readers’ increasingly fragmented attention spans, this one’s a little out there: “Should everyone become a vegetarian?”

That question appeared in Great Britain’s The Guardian newspaper, as part of the publication’s “Virgin Voters” series, in which the 18-to- 24-year-old population voices its concerns about the issues of the day.

Show Mom Diaries: The gifts that keep on giving

Tradition is fine and dandy.

But when it comes to gift-giving in the Lee household – especially from husband to wife – tradition goes out the window.

Apparently, silk or linen is recommended as the traditional 12 th anniversary gift. The pearl for the more modern gift-giver.

But our 12 th anniversary brought me a more, ahem, practical gift from my adoring husband.

A concrete slab, to be exact.

Yes, always one for practicality, Craig decided to gift me (and the kids) with a new wash rack to celebrate a dozen years of marriage.

Proof of evolution

No, not Darwinism, but the deliberate shift of attack issues that activists use to bash animal agriculture: From health to safety to welfare, industry opponents are changing with the times.

Talking with Cattlemen's Beef Board Member Steven J. Mafrige about Cattle and Game in South Texas

Cattlemen's Beef Board (CBB) member Steven J. Mafrige manages Y Bar Ranch, a model for how today's most successful Texas ranches operate. It is a multi-generational, multi-faceted family business that uses cattle as its centerpiece but reaches into areas that have only recently been incorporated into the bottom line of good Western ranch management. 

Keep or cull open replacement heifers? (and buyer beware)

For some cow calf operations, the bulls go into the breeding pasture with replacement heifers in mid-April. As the bulls are being removed from the replacement heifers in two months, this would be an ideal time to call and make arrangements with your local veterinarian to have those heifers evaluated for pregnancy after another 60 days.

Investing in collaborative conservation to address global food security challenges

Farmers, ranchers and foresters have long understood the need to care for our land and water. We depend on them for food, clothing and shelter – and they depend on our natural resources for their livelihoods.

Multi-County Beef Cattle Symposium planned in LaCoste

A multi-county beef cattle symposium will be held April 22 at Ahr Farms, 5547 Macdona Lacoste Road, LaCoste, according to Roy Flora, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service agent in Bexar County, who is a co-sponsor with agents in Medina and Uvalde counties.

Grass farmer first, beef producer second: Take-half, leave-half approach

This is part three of a rotational grazing series from the March issues of Drovers CattleNetwork and Cow/Calf Producer. The implementation of a rotational-grazing program has helped BitterSweet Acres increase its carrying capacity of pastures by 35 percent since the Woods first started in 1999, while weathering tough drought conditions.

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